Stop Fur at Flannels is a national campaign calling on UK fashion retail chain, Flannels, to permanently cease selling real fur and reinstate a fur-free policy.

Campaigners have protested and exposed Flannels’ shameful support of the fur industry in previous years, and in 2012 as a result of pressure from activists the company adopted a fur-free policy but unfortunately later reneged. Since then, campaigners have continued to protest the company’s involvement with the vile fur trade and have launched a renewed campaign against the company.

Fur production was banned under the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act back in 2000, after a public consultation found overwhelming support from the British public to end the practice. The fur industry has been and continues to be widely exposed for horrific cruelty to animals. Undercover exposés have revealed animals on fur farms crammed into cages amongst squalid conditions, whilst those caught in traps in the wild suffer broken bones, some even chewing off their limbs in a desperate bid to escape. At slaughter, exposés have shown animals being anally electrocuted and skinned alive. As a result of wide exposure and important awareness raising about the brutality of the fur industry, fur remains widely boycotted by the British public, most department stores have long-standing fur-free policies in place, and animal rights organisations are working together tirelessly to bring an end to cruel industries, such as the fur trade, for good. There is no excuse for cruelty to animals, and sophisticated, luxurious alternatives in the form of faux (fake) fur are widely available and offer a viable, fashionable solution.

The campaign calling on Flannels to stop selling fur includes a network of activists across the UK. We will continue to pressure the company until they follow suit with so many other businesses who have already made the progressive and compassionate decision to commit to a fur-free policy. Please click here for ways to join our campaign and help us to persuade Flannels to end their involvement with the fur trade.

Thank you.

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