Stop Fur at Flannels is a national campaign calling on UK fashion retail chain, Flannels, to stop selling real fur and reinstate a fur-free policy.

After a previous campaign by anti-fur activists, Flannels had promised to go fur-free however later reneged on their word when they were acquired by Sports Direct. Since then, campaigners have continued to protest the company’s involvement in the cruel fur trade and later, Stop Fur At Flannels launched as the renewed campaign to call on Flannels to do the right thing, get with the times and go fur-free.

Fur farming in the UK was banned under the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act back in 2000, after a public consultation found overwhelming support from the British public to end the practice. The fur industry is synonymous with horrific cruelty to animals. Investigations abroad have shown animals subjected to barren cages on fur farms, caught in the wild by agonising leg-hold traps, and at slaughter electrocuted and even skinned alive.

As a result of the awareness raised about the brutality of the fur industry, real fur products are widely boycotted by the British public and most retailers already have fur-free policies proudly in place. There is no excuse for cruelty to animals, and sophisticated, luxurious alternatives in the form of faux (fake) fur are already widely available and can offer a viable, fashionable solution. The only place the fur trade belongs is in the past!

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