Demos Across Country in National Day of Action

March 24th, 2018

Today’s national day of action calling on Flannels to end their involvement in the fur trade saw protests in Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool and Manchester! Activists across the country demonstrated outside their local Flannels stores and members of the public were shocked to hear about Flannels’ involvement in the fur industry.

Our campaign is sending a clear message to Flannels – stop selling real fur once and for all! Though Flannels have not responded to us yet, our campaign will only continue to gain momentum until the company agrees to sign – and permanently adhere to – a fur-free policy.

We wish to thank all groups and activists who took part in today’s national day of action, superb turnout and great work!


Please help our campaign:

  • Like and Follow the campaign on Facebook.
  • Sign our petition.
  • Hold anti-fur protests outside your nearest Flannels store: for assistance in organising a protest, please message us via our Facebook page or via emailing us at:

Thank you for your vital support.

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