Flannels Cardiff Failed Attempt to Deter Activists

July 18th, 2018

Wednesday 18th July’s protest by Cardiff Animal Rights outside Flannels Cardiff saw staff from the company try to deter activists and vandalise campaign materials. Cardiff Animal Rights have stated that this shameful and frankly desperate behaviour by Flannels staff will neither deter them or hinder their protests, which continue to receive lots of public support!

Cardiff Animal Rights said, “Today, as one of our team arrived early to set up, two blokes who manage the shop decided to take advantage of a female on her own and started grabbing placards and throwing them around, getting in her face and filming her, this was after the protester informed them that if the police wanted them to move, they would move, but that isn’t enough for Flannels, not content with this, they started damaging our placards and throwing banners and belongings around.

Once police and a small crowd had gathered and obviously a heated discussion had taken place over why they should be allowed to damage our property with no repercussions, they decided to carry on picking up and throwing our placards and belongings around.

They then got someone to turn up with a sweeping brush, acting like they were “cleaning” and picked up our posters and threw buckets of water over them and our banner. Unfortunately for him they are laminated and waterproof so all he really did was give them a nice clean for us.

The rest of the day went well, lots of public support, and 5 people stopped to take photos with our placards in support.

Many people gave us their support and told us they were horrified that this was still allowed to happen.”

Cardiff AR will be back protesting outside Flannels very soon and be assured, this national campaign will only continue to grow until Flannels drops the fur trade!

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