October 2018

Campaign Highlights of November 2018

At their Doncaster store opening weekend, Flannels were met with an anti-fur protest by activists from Doncaster Animal Action on Saturday 6th Oct! The group made their anti-fur message loud and clear Flannels and during the protest campaigners showed footage of the barbarity of the fur industry, chanted anti-fur slogans and handed out lots of leaflets to the public too.


Saturday 6th also saw Northern Animal Welfare Co-operative and Darlington and Teesside Animal Rights Activists team up to demonstrate at Flannels in Darlington! Writing about their demo, they said “this was the first protest of its kind in Darlington and we caused quite a commotion generating lots of interest. We reached lots of local pages online and, while some people were clearly disgruntled, many people have shown support for our protest. We won’t stop and we shall return! Much love to all of you animal rights warriors out there.”


On the 14th October anti-fur activists in Birmingham City Centre held a number of peaceful walk-in protests at stores still involved in the barbaric fur trade. One of the stores they visited was Flannels, where shop staff reacted with thuggish behaviour and assaulted several of the protesters. However, activists will not be deterred and returned soon after to continue the pressure on Flannels in Brum! Here’s a photo from Friday 19th!


Cardiff Animal Rights have also been keeping up their regular visual anti-fur protests outside the Flannels Cardiff branch, utilising a great variety of posters, banners and props! Photo from Saturday 20th…


That weekend also saw another protest by Hull Anti-Fur outside the St Stephens Shopping Centre where Flannels’ Hull store is situated. The group continues to raise awareness amongst shoppers about the barbarity of the fur industry and has been encouraging the public to boycott Flannels due to their involvement in the cruel trade.


Thank you to all groups for taking action!

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