November 2018

Campaign Highlights of November 2018

On the 3rd of November, activists from Cardiff Animal Rights and Swansea Vegan Actions teamed up to once again protest Flannels’ involvement in the fur trade and keep up the pressure on their local Flannels store. Some of the shop’s staff resorted to shameful, frankly desperate behaviour and threw lit cigarette butts on campaign posters, insulted peaceful protesters and tried – and failed – to deter activists. Cardiff Animal Rights said, “We have had wonderful support off the public at our protests and no attempts from Flannels staff to intimidate us will work. We fight for animal rights. We will never stop”. The activists have since returned with an even bigger display on their protests!


During October, activists from West Mids Connection held a peaceful walk-in protest at Flannels in Birmingham, where staff responded with thuggish behaviour and assaulted a number of the protesters. In response to this, WMC held seven days of consecutive anti-fur protests at Flannels in Brum to show they too will not be deterred! The week of demos commenced on 5/11/18 with their demo also in remembrance of fallen activists, Barry Horne. On 23/11/18 WMC also held a protest outside Flannels in Brum in support of Open Cages‘ #FurFreeFriday, a global event with support from anti-fur actions across the world! You can sign Open Cages’ petition to ban fur imports into the UK here:


Leicester Animal Rights held another anti-fur protest on 25/11/18 outside their local Flannels branch, and said “Flannels were agitated we were there, at first trying to say how people love fur and yet pouring water on the chalking that people wrote outside… Clearly felt uneasy!”

We would remind Flannels that most retailers in the UK already proudly hold fur-free policies and major designers are continuing to drop the use of real fur. Why? Because the fur industry is barbaric and the public are opposed to it!


Want to get involved in anti-fur protests outside your local Flannels store? Contact us!


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