January 2019

Campaign Highlights of January 2019

As more and more established fashion brands continue to cut ties with the fur industry, we hope 2019 is the year that Flannels finally makes the compassionate and progressive decision to do so too. We’ve got lots of actions planned, and our campaign won’t stop until we see Flannels reinstate a fur-free policy, for good!

As Cardiff Animal Rights keep up the pressure on their local Flannels store, in January the group attracted local press attention from Cardiff TV and spoke in a video interview about their weekly protests and support of the Stop Fur At Flannels campaign.

Press attention on the campaign continues to grow, as activists from Devon Animal Save held an anti-fur protest with a fantastic turnout outside the Plymouth branch of Flannels on 12/01/19. The run-up to the demo was recorded in this article by the Plymouth Herald, followed by a second article which was published by the press on the day of the protest. The second report also features two activists who spoke about the event and the cruelty of the fur trade in a video interview. A TV report on the protest was also shown by ITV News West Country that evening. Fantastic work!


On 19/01/19, activists from West Mids Connection held another anti-fur protest outside the Flannels Birmingham store, with another strong turnout, plenty of leaflets distributed and lots of positive conversations with the public.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Chapman Photography

Want to get involved in anti-fur protests outside your nearest Flannels store? Contact us!

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