February 2019

Campaign Highlights from February 2019

On 02/02/19 activists from Nottingham Animal Rights and Derby Animal Rights teamed up to protest the fur trade at the Flannels Notts store. Speaking about the demo, one activists said, “Wow our presence was certainly known today where we teamed up with members from Derby Animal Rights for our anti-fur protest outside Flannels. So much support given from the passing public with many signatures collected after learning about the horrific fur trade and the shop behind us being a huge seller of fur including Canada goose. We had many posters scattered around which were definitely eye-catching and lots of good conversations had encouraging people not to support this vile industry”. More press attention was garnered with this article in the Nottingham Post. Well done to both groups!


In February 2019 we also launched our social media action, asking supporters to post comments to Flannels’ social media profiles to complain about the company’s involvement in the bloody fur trade. The action has received lots of shares and is ongoing too, so please click here to take part!

West Mids Connection held another anti-fur protest outside of Flannels Birmingham on 16/02/19, with another solid turnout and more awareness raised.


Saturday 16th Feb also saw activists from Northern Unity, Northern Animal Welfare Co-operative and Darlington and Teesside Animal Rights Activists team up to protest Flannels’ involvement in the fur trade outside the Flannels Middlesbrough store. Speaking about the demo, an activist wrote, “It was a great event, with some good conversations, some leaflets handed out and some truth spoken”. The groups’ protest was highly visual, with an array of posters, banners and props used, plus one member dressed as a coyote!


Cardiff Animal Rights held another anti-fur protest at Flannels Cardiff, with a similarly strong visual presence of posters, banners and props such as a ‘bloody’ coat.


Leicester Animal Rights have also been keeping up the pressure on their local Flannels store, with another protest which took place on 24/02/19. An activists said, “Great turnout to Leicester Animal Rights’ most recent anti-fur demo, outside 2 shops that STILL sell real fur; Flannels and Pilot… Fur farming was banned 18 years ago in England & Wales, but shops like these still import fur coats, trims, jackets etc of trapped, tortured animals from other countries…”. Along with their anti-fur posters, the group also held a banner outside the store which read “This shop supports the bloody fur trade” and used screens to raise awareness about the animal cruelty involved in the fur industry. The campaign continues…


Please sign our petition calling on Flannels to drop the fur trade!


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