March 2019

Campaign Highlights from March 2019

Nottingham Animal Rights and Derby Animal Rights teamed up again to protest the fur trade at the Flannels Notts store on 09/03/19. Writing about the demo, an activist from Notts AR said, “For the second time this year we teamed up with Derby Animal Rights for our anti-fur protest outside Flannels, a shop that still continues to sell the furs of murdered animals. Fur farms are illegal in the UK though fur can still be imported and the cruelty involved is barbaric. We collected many supportive signatures and had some positive conversations from the public plus media coverage. With so many synthetic options there is simply no need for this vile industry”.


Cardiff Animal Rights have been keeping up their weekly presence outside Flannels in Cardiff too, continuing their visual presence and informing passers-by in the centre about Flannels’ disturbing involvement in the bloody fur trade.


Activists in London held an anti-fur protest at the recently opened Flannels Brixton store on Saturday 30/03/19 with a fantastic turnout! The protestors made lots of noise and held a combination of placards, banners and screens showing the barbaric animal cruelty of the fur industry, while other activists took the anti-fur message right into the store!

Writing about the protest, one activist said, “The shop has recently opened and this was the first protest there, they clearly weren’t expecting us and had no idea what to do, the police were called but of course there was nothing they could do.

Approximately 30 activists descended on the shop at 1pm, half of them entered the shop and were able to give a speech before they were rather aggressively pushed out (at one point they were locked in!).

We used 2 TV screens to play fur footage and regularly played the tortured screams of animals, whilst other activists stood in a line with placards and banners outside the front door and the window line of the shop.

800 leaflets were given out and there was lots of very positive feedback from the public who didn’t know about the shop, some members of the public even joined the protest line.

The protest ended to “we will be back!”, and we will be, soon”.

Well done and thank you, London anti-fur activists!

Take part in our social media action calling on Flannels to drop the fur trade!


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