May 2019

Campaign Highlights from May 2019

Determined animal rights activists in London held another anti-fur protest and store disruption at Flannels in Brixton on the 5th! They managed to stay inside the store before being forced out by security guards and continuing their protest outside, informing everyone around of the cruelty of the vile fur trade in which Flannels is still a part of.


Over in Birmingham, on the 11th activists from West Mids Connection have been keeping up the pressure on their local Flannels store with more demonstrations. Speaking about the protest, WMC said: “We made lots of noise in Birmingham on Saturday calling on stores such as Flannels to get with the times and drop the fur trade, and continue to receive lots of support from the public. We had some very positive conversations with people and many passers-by took leaflets. We’ll be back again soon!”.


Cardiff Animal Rights have also been keeping up their weekly anti-fur presence outside their local Flannels store and raising signatures on two petitions.

May 2019 also saw Prada, a well known brand in the name of fashion, pledge to go fur-free. Great news!

Want to get involved in anti-fur protests at your nearest Flannels store? Contact us!

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