June 2019

Campaign Highlights from June 2019

In June, Leicester Animal Rights held another protest outside the Flannels Leicester store. Here’s what they had to say about the protest:

“June 16th was a Sunday of unpredictable weather but that didn’t stop Leicester Animal Rights (LAR) protesting outside. LAR held a 3 hour demo by the Flannels Leicester branch. During that time a fair few people looked ashamed going in with their heads down trying to ignore us. Others had a chat with us and took a leaflet, shocked that importing fur is still legal in the UK.

Leicester AR encourages activists to research lesser-known brands and animals used by these stores, and to take a strong abolitionist stance against all animal use in clothing. Chalked messages can often be found on LAR demos as an effective way to start conversations or leave a thought in the minds of those who glance down on their way to/from the store.

We hold anti-fur demos outside Flannels regularly. Anyone who lives in Leicester or surrounding areas is welcome to join us to keep the pressure on Flannels or join their local AR and actions. Let’s consign the barbaric fur industry to the history books once and for all”.


Activists from West Mids Connection held another anti-fur protest at Flannels in Birmingham on Saturday (29/06/19). With another solid turnout of protestors, lots of leaflets were handed out to the public. Later, one of the members of the protest entered the store to voice his disgust at Flannels’ involvement in the barbaric fur trade and was aggressively manhandled by the store’s security guard then forced out of the shop. WMC will be back again soon to help keep up the pressure!


Contact Flannels to politely tell them to drop the fur trade by email to cs@flannels.com or phone them on 0344 2459 243.

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