August 2019

Campaign Highlights from August 2019

Nottingham Animal Rights protested outside their local Flannels store in August. They wrote about their protest, “Today we were outside Flannels who still sell fur including the cruel brand Canada Goose, raising awareness about the bloody fur trade as part of a national campaign Stop Fur At Flannels. We think it’s about time that Flannels joined the big fashion houses and dropped fur from their collections”.


West Mids Connection, who are helping keep on the pressure on Flannels in Birmingham, also held a protest at Flannels in Brum. They said, “We have recently expanded on our range of campaign equipment and on arrival at Flannels we unfurled a new anti-fur banner which certainly helped us catch more attention. We received a great response from the public overall, with lots of leaflets handed out and we’ll be back again very soon!”.


Over in Cardiff, Cardiff Animal Rights continue to keep up their presence outside their local Flannels store with a wide array of eye-catching anti-fur materials!


Take part in our social media action to call on Flannels to permanently reinstate a fur-free policy.

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