September 2019

Campaign Highlights from September 19


The month kickstarted with Flannels’ Oxford St store opening in London being met by determined anti-fur protestors! Activists entered the store, where they loudly voiced what happens to animals inside the barbaric fur industry and called on the company (and its owner, Mike Ashley) to reinstate a fur-free policy. The activists were later forced outside of the shop by security guards, who even shut down the store due to the protest! Result! As the scene gathered a crowd of onlookers, activists urged the public to boycott the company and received lots of support for their action. The protest was unmissable, with a superb turnout of campaigners which spanned across the front of the store, speeches and chants on megaphones, a large anti-fur banner, fake blood and more! A fantastic protest by London’s anti-fur activists!

The protest was reported on in an article in national newspaper, The Times.

Following the Flannels Oxford St protest, a store disruption was next held at the recently opened Flannels Sutton store. Over 20 animal rights activists with placards, megaphones and leaflets took action at the recently opened Flannels shop in Sutton on Sunday.

Writing about the protest, the group said: “Leaving just a couple of people outside with a banner the majority of us walked into the store, past a nonplussed security guard. We went straight to the back of the shop, leaving leaflets on displays and around the horrible fur-trimmed clothing, before holding up placards, chanting, playing the heart-breaking sounds of animals in agony through a megaphone and asking Flannels to cease selling products of cruelty. Our friends outside reported that at least a dozen potential customers turned around and walked away when they saw us in there. Once outside we formed a line all along the front of the shop, displaying an array of placards, posters, banners and video footage – chanting ceaselessly and playing those terrible sounds. Other activists handed out leaflets to passers-by and engaged them in conversation. Scores of leaflets were distributed and there were a lot of very positive responses from the public – some even being reduced to tears about what they heard and read. There were occasional aggressive outbursts and ignorant comments from those who didn’t like their Sunday shopping being disturbed, but on the whole this was a hugely successful first, but not last, visit to Flannels in Sutton. Everyone on the team worked tirelessly and we were hugely grateful for the fantastic support for such dedicated activists”.

Returning to the Oxford St store for another protest, protestors visited the Flannels branch again for their second action there!

Amazing work by London anti-fur activists!

During September, we also announced our National Day of Action calling on our supporters to target their nearest Flannels stores on Saturday 30th November for nationwide protests and groups around the UK have pledged their support! If you’d like to help with this action, please organise anti-fur protests at your closest Flannels store as part of the day if you can and message us to let us know about your protest and if you require any assistance, thank you! You can also see our NDOA Facebook event page for further information.

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