October 2019

Campaign Highlights from October 19

Anti-fur march concludes with massive walk-in protest at Flannels in Birmingham!

Over 100 activists united in Birmingham on the 5th to march against the barbaric fur trade and to promote the message of animal liberation to the public. With a fantastic turnout of activists, the march was met with lots of interest from the public as it moved around the city centre. After the march, many campaigners then headed to Flannels to hold an impromptu anti-fur protest at the store. As over 40 protestors entered, the shop was taken by complete surprise! Activists proceeded to make lots of noise in chanting and voicing their anger at Flannels’ involvement in the fur trade and called on the company to go fur-free, before later rejoining the rest of the activists who were also protesting outside. The action was so effective that the store then shut down for the duration of the protest – result!

Nottingham Animal Rights have also been keeping up their regular protests at the Flannels Notts branch, stating they continue to get strong turnouts at their actions and have some great conversations with the public! They said, “Last week’s anti-fur demo outside Flannels was a great success! So many people don’t realise that real fur is still being sold, and are horrified to learn what the trim on jackets such as Canada Goose coats is really made from”.


October also saw another milestone victory in the fight against the bloody fur industry as another country, Slovakia approved a ban on fur farming! Slovakia joins a number of other countries that have recently committed to phase out fur-farms such as Ireland, Belgium and Norway.

Our National Day of Action calling on Flannels to get with the times and join the vast majority of other retailers who are proudly fur-free continues to gain momentum, with areas across the UK such as Birmingham, Cardiff, Hull, Leicester, Nottingham and more set to take part! For more information, see our Facebook event page and please join us if you can: https://www.facebook.com/events/890602751308948/

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