About The Campaign

Stop Fur At Flannels is a national campaign calling on UK fashion retail chain, Flannels, to permanently cease selling real fur and reinstate a fur-free policy.

Campaigners have protested and exposed Flannels’ shameful involvement with the fur industry in previous years, and although Flannels has made numerous claims in the past that it would stop selling fur, the company repeatedly failed to adhere to their word. In 2012, Flannels faced a campaign which saw protestors disrupt their private fashion show in Manchester, after activists had won free-entry tickets which the company unknowingly handed to them. Campaigners protested outside the event whilst two others, using their free tickets, entered and leapt onto the catwalk, unfurled an anti-fur banner and distributed leaflets into the audience. The protest was reported on by local news and several fashion publications.

Protest at Flannels’ fashion show, April 2012

Shortly after the fashion show protest, Flannels contacted the campaign and agreed to sign a fur-free policy – but later reneged on it. When campaigners posed as customers, the company was even caught out for hiding fur in their stock rooms and attempting to make discreet sales of it to whom they thought were shoppers.

As Flannels have continued to sell fur, so too have activists continued to protest against the company. Stop Fur At Flannels is a renewed campaign in order to mount the pressure on Flannels to end their involvement with the fur trade and permanently reinstate a fur-free policy. The campaign consists of activists across the UK, and is also supported by organisations such as the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade.

We ask you to join us in our campaign by complaining to Flannels and by organising/attending protests at your nearest Flannels store, helping us to urge the company to end their involvement in the fur trade. For a more detailed list of ways you can help our campaign, please click here.

Fur production was banned under the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act back in 2000, after a public consultation found overwhelming support from the British public to end the practice. The fur industry has been and continues to be widely exposed for horrific cruelty to animals. Undercover exposés have revealed animals on fur farms crammed into cages amongst squalid conditions, whilst those caught in traps in the wild suffer clamps that lock deep into their flesh, some even break their bones or try to chew off their limbs in a desperate bid to escape. At slaughter, exposés have shown animals being anally electrocuted and skinned alive. For more information about the fur industry, please click here.

As a result of the widespread exposure that has revealed the cruelty of the fur industry, fur remains widely boycotted by the British public and most clothing stores including almost every department store already have fur-free policies in place. There is no excuse for cruelty to animals and sophisticated, luxurious alternatives to animal skins, such as faux (fake) fur products are widely available, already popular amongst the public, and offer a fashionable solution.

In trying to position themselves as trend-setters, fashion companies should look to be regarded as forward-thinkers and innovators. However, for those that still use fur, they instead convey themselves as callous, outdated and out of touch.

Recent fashion chains that have committed to fur-free policies include Giorgio Armani who stated in 2016 that new technologies “render the use of cruel practices unnecessary as regards animals” [1]. For more examples of companies who have already committed to fur-free policies, please click here.

As animal rights campaigners, we advocate for animals in many ways. As well as raising awareness to people about the cruelty of industries such as the fur trade, we encourage people to go vegan, believe that animals exist for their own reasons and seek to bring about a better world for the animals we share our planet with.

Please, get involved. Thank you.

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