Email Your Complaint to Flannels

This page details how you can email your complaint to Flannels about their involvement in the fur trade. Please support our campaign by urging them to get with the times and enact a fur-free policy.

You can copy/edit our template letter below, or even better write out your own complaint to them. Once ready, send your email to:

Please keep all communication to Flannels polite and lawful. Thank you.

To whom it concerns,

I am writing to complain about the selling of fur at Flannels and to urge your company to permanently reinstate a fur-free policy. I was shocked to hear that your company reneged on its previous commitments to go fur-free and am appalled that your business is still involved with the fur trade.

The horrific cruelty to animals that happens inside the fur industry is well documented and widely known. There are many undercover exposés that have revealed the suffering and torture animals are subjected to. On fur farms, animals are typically locked inside cramped cages amongst filthy conditions, and due to being deprived of the ability to express natural behavioural instincts, some even become psychotic, mutilating themselves and each other. Those caught by traps in the wild suffer clamps that lock deep into their flesh, and injuries are made worse by some even breaking their bones or trying to chew off their limbs in a desperate bid to escape. At slaughter, exposés have shown animals being hit, stamped on, anally electrocuted and skinned alive.

As a result of public outcry, fur production has been banned in the United Kingdom since 2003. Products made from real fur remain widely boycotted by the British public and most clothing stores including almost every department store already have fur-free policies in place.

There is no excuse for cruelty to animals and sophisticated, luxurious alternatives to animal skins, such as faux (fake) fur products are readily available, already popular amongst the public and offer a fashionable solution.

Fashion companies should look to be regarded as forward-thinkers and innovators, but for those that still use fur, such as yourselves, you are instead conveying yourselves as callous, outdated and out of touch.

Recent fashion chains that have committed to fur-free policies include Giorgio Armani (as of 2016), Michael Kors (as of Dec 2018) and Gucci (as of Spring/Summer 2018), amongst others. To view more companies who already have fur-free policies in place, you can visit:

Please, make the progressive decision to end your involvement with the fur trade. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,


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