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31/07/20: Protests resume after Covid-19 lockdown lifted

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, the government’s lockdown and rules on social distancing had prevented public gatherings from taking place as they normally would. Since cases of the virus have reduced and been brought under better control, the lockdown has been lifted and newer, less stringent guidelines have been provided. With that, activism groups are starting to take back to the streets to continue with events, including by resuming anti-fur protests at Flannels. We’ll be posting another update with some demo reports and pictures very soon.

02/03/20: Protests continue across the UK

Animal rights groups around the UK have been keeping up the pressure on Flannels with more protests. York Animal Rights held an anti-fur protest at their local Flannels branch on the 29th Feb, and said they had a brilliant demo, with lots of chanting, leafletting and educating the public. They even got some people to go in to complain to the manager that the company should not be selling fur! Fantastic work and well done, York AR!


Nottingham Animal Rights had a solid turnout at their protest on the 22nd Feb, and told us “Today Nottingham Animal Rights hosted our next contribution to the ongoing national campaign against Flannels. Supported by activists from other local AR groups, a striking, vocal, non-violent protest left shoppers in no doubt as to the shameful behaviour of Flannels. Many positive conversations were held with the public, the overwhelming majority of whom recognise that fur is for psychos, and several Flannels customers on hearing about the fur trade and Flannels’ part in it, turned away to source their clothing somewhere more ethical”.


Over in Liverpool, Team Tino Animal Rights held a protest at the Flannels Liverpool branch on the 16th Feb. Speaking about the demo, they said: “It was cold, wet & windy but that sure didn’t stop us – we educated the public about the barbaric actions humans carry out on animals for fur coats, bobbles on hats, etc by giving out lots of leaflets, holding placards, wearing muscle suits and speaking on the megaphones.

Some people still don’t realise real fur is sold in this country. They mistakenly believe that because fur-farms were prohibited in the UK years ago, that the same goes for selling it. A loophole we hope to see closed by the UK government very soon!”.


Groups in Newcastle, the Isle of Man, Leicester and Birmingham also held protests. Thank you to all groups for helping to keep up the pressure on Flannels to do the right thing and go fur-free!

06/12/19: Campaign featured in national press (again!)

Following the recent headlines about House of Fraser selling real fur, the Metro have published an article about the company’s renegement of their fur-free policy.

As House of Fraser is owned by Mike Ashley, who also owns Sports Direct and Flannels, the Metro has reported on the growing momentum of our nationwide campaign and recent national day of action! Click here to read the article.

02/12/19: National day of action sees great turnout

The day saw anti-fur protests at Flannels stores across the UK; in Birmingham, Cardiff, Hull, the Isle of Man, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Newcastle and Nottingham! A huge thank you to all groups and activists who took part. Here’s some photos from the day:

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