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12/03/22: Superb Turnout for National Day of Action as Activists Pile the Pressure on Flannels!

The event saw a weekend of protests take place across the country at Flannels’ stores in Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Coventry, Hull, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and York!

With a wide variety of placards and banners, activists got creative as others dressed in animal costumes, used props, fake blood and chalked anti-fur messages and drawings. Making sure they were heard loud and clear, campaigners chanted and gave speeches about the horrors of the fur trade. As well as taking the anti-fur message to the streets, some determined activists also went in store to express their outrage to Flannels!

Although there were a few disgruntled Flannels customers, campaigners said they had lots of great conversations with members of the public, who were highly supportive of the protests. Plenty of leaflets were handed out and more and more people were encouraged to boycott the company.

We wish to thank all of the anti-fur activists and groups who took part in the day of action and made it a success.

Brighton Animal Rights, Cardiff Vegan Action, the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade, Coventry Animal Advocates, Fur Free London, Hull Animal Rights Team, Merseyside Animal Rights Campaigns, North East Animal Rights, Nottingham Animal Rights and West Mids Connection.

20/12/21: Walk In + Outside Protest at Flannels Coventry!

Activists from Coventry Animal Advocates and West Mids Connection teamed up on Saturday 18th Dec to hold the first of what will be regular anti-fur protests at the new Flannels store in Coventry.

The group said, “We took the store completely by surprise with the walk-in protest, entering the shop before unfurling anti-fur posters and loudly voicing our disgust at Flannels’ involvement in the horrific fur trade. Despite a few disgruntled customers who wanted to make their ignorance known, and the store manager’s failed attempt to steal a megaphone, we continued to ensure our message was heard loud and clear.

Next up, the protest carried on outside the shop with more chanting, speeches and two screens set up to show footage on. One screen had a video relating to Canada Goose and their cruel use of coyote fur and goose down, and the other showed very recent footage and still photographs obtained from an undercover investigation by Humane Society International/UK and Finnish animal advocates Oikeutta Eläimille. They visited three fox fur farms in the Ostrobothnia region of Finland, two of which are ‘SAGA certified’. Needless to say, the footage is very distressing to watch. Some of the jackets/coats sold by Flannels are trimmed with fox fur originating from Finland. People were clearly shocked by what was on the videos and numerous people stopped to watch our protest, take leaflets and give us their support. We’ll be back to continue the protests very soon!”.

20/11/21: West Mids Connection Keep Up the Pressure in Birmingham

From West Mids Connection: “We continue to hold our regular anti-fur protests at Flannels in Brum, with more demos in October and November, due to their sickening involvement in the barbaric fur trade. Our costume representing a skinned fox certainly catches people’s eye and people continue to engage a lot with our protests. We encouraged passers-by to boycott Flannels and other heartless businesses still involved in this awful trade, and we were delighted that some people also came over to thank us for what we were doing”.

03/10/21: Flannels Protested in Portsmouth

Portsmouth Animal Action held an anti-fur protest at Flannels’ portsmouth branch on Sunday 3rd Oct – the group said: “We recently we paid a visit to Flannels to demand that they go fur-free. Despite fur farming being illegal in the UK, Flannels still sell the fur of foxes, rabbits, minks and coyotes. Animals are not clothing (or food or property or entertainment). Thank you to everyone who came along! Despite the rain we had some good conversations and made our message heard. Flannels, see you again soon”.

For additional updates please follow Stop Fur at Flannels on Facebook or Instagram, thank you.

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