Social Media Action

Please join in with our social media action calling on Flannels to go #furfree!

Step 1: Go to any of Flannels’ social media profiles on:


Step 2: Do any of the following (the more the better)…

• Post comments to politely complain about their involvement in the fur trade. Remind them – and inform their followers – about the barbaric animal cruelty of the fur industry and urge the company to go fur-free. You could also message the company directly (e.g. DM on Twitter).

• Post images with anti-fur messages on and photos that show how animals suffer inside the fur industry (such as photos of fur farming, trapping, etc). See below for ready-to-use images.

• Post links to informational videos against the fur trade, such as undercover investigations/exposés. See below for some video links you can copy and paste.

• Post links to anti-fur websites. See below for some website links you can copy and paste.

• Where there are also options to review Flannels, leave negative feedback.

Please ensure your posts adhere to the relevant social media platform’s guidelines and keep all communication to Flannels legal and polite.

Step 3: Share, share, share this action and ask others to take part too! Thank you.

Please feel free to use the images we have provided for this action and copy/paste any of the links to videos and websites we have listed below, or you can find other anti-fur content online yourself to include in your posts.



The Fur Industry In 60 Seconds Flat:
Fur: Never Humane:
Here’s the Rest of Your Mink Coat:
Victims of Vanity (Fur Trapping):
The Truth Behind Canada Goose Coats:
(More videos can be found on YouTube)

Website links:

Info on Fur Farming:
Info on Mink Fur Farming:
Info on Rabbit Fur Farming:
Info on Fur Trapping:
Info on Canada Goose:
Canada Gross:
Fur Is Not Green:

Thank you once again for your support.

For more information on the Stop Fur At Flannels campaign, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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