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There are numerous ways that you can support the Stop Fur At Flannels campaign, please see below for ways to get involved. Thank you.

Sign Our Petition

We are gathering signatures through an online petition asking Flannels to permanently stop selling real fur and reinstate a fur-free policy. Please sign this petition and share it with others to help us collect more signatures.

Complain to Flannels

Please contact Flannels directly to complain to them about their selling of real fur and urge them to end their involvement with the fur trade. Tell them about the many exposés that show horrific animal torture inside the fur industry, and about cruelty-free synthetic alternatives which – as well as being non-animal – are sophisticated, luxurious and fashionable, these are the way forward! You can also help us to increase the pressure on Flannels by asking others to complain to them as well. A template complaint letter and contact information for the company is detailed below. We encourage you and as many people as possible to register your disgust with Flannels and urge them to cease stocking real fur, for good. Please keep all communications polite.

We have created a page to assist you in emailing your complaint to Flannels, which provides Flannels email addresses to contact and an optional template complaint letter you can sign.

Take part in our email action! >>

To complain to Flannels via telephone, you can call their customer services phone number on: 0344 2459 243 (calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to 01 or 02 numbers. These rules apply to any type of line, including mobile).

Social Media
Flannels have social media accounts that you can complain to on Facebook, Instagram via Flannels Man and Woman, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and Google+. Where there is an option to leave reviews/ratings, you could post negative feedback for the company in those too. As well as being useful for complaining to Flannels, social media also provides an opportunity to reach and interact with their followers. This could be done by posting comments on Flannels’ posts with photos/videos that show the cruelty of fur production and encouraging their followers to boycott the company and choose cruelty-free synthetic products instead.

Take part in our social media action! >>

Flannels have a number of stores that you can go to and complain at, click here for their locations. We suggest that on entering the stores you ask to speak to the mananger(s), then make your complaint with them present. If possible, take in photos and footage from undercover exposés that demonstrate the suffering of animals inside the fur industry to show to the staff. When speaking to them, let them know about popular cruelty-free, high quality synthetic alternatives too. For sympathetic staff members, you could ask them to use their positions to repeat these calls from inside the company.

Join Protests

Campaigners are holding lawful protests against Flannels across the country to help build pressure on the company to end their involvement with the fur industry once and for all. These protests take place outside of Flannels stores and if you would like to join in them, please contact us. These events are also used to raise awareness to the general public about animal suffering in general and about the importance of animal rights.

Inform Others

Please let everyone you can know about the campaign and encourage them to get involved too. The more participation we have, the more pressure we can pile on Flannels to end their involvement with the fur industry – and the more companies who do this, the closer we will be to abolishing it. Ask people to boycott Flannels and other companies who still sell fur, and always choose cruelty-free synthetic products.


Donations help us to purchase materials, organise actions and run our campaign. If you would like to donate, you can do so by sending a donation to CAFT (Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade), then send an email to caft@caft.org.uk with your name and notify them that your donation is towards the Stop Fur At Flannels campaign.

Stay Updated

Visit our website regularly and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for details of other upcoming actions you can get involved in and for more updates on the campaign.

Thank you for your support.

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